Social Media vs. Real Life

Almost everyone on social media makes it out to look like they are having a great time, but we all know that what we see on Instagram or Facebook isn’t always reality. Websites like Facebook and Instagram feel like a narcissistic playground where the greatest, funniest, most charming aspects of our lives are publicized, and the others–the boring and beige that is our daily lives never gets posted. Let’s face it–no one is really as happy and perfect as their Facebook wall or Instagram feed claims. What about the not-so-fun times when we are just living life and things don’t always go as planned? For an example, we all know that man posting about how perfect his girlfriend is, when in reality he was cheating on her last night. Or the woman who claims have a certain occupation and successful life, but actually is unemployed and living a sad life. And lets not forget the people that claim to be mother or father of the year.

Whether it really is genuine or made to impress others, negative comparisons to someones social media is something that affects everyone these days. I think it is important to keep in mind that almost everything you see online is an idealized version of someone’s life; it’s so easy to go to someone’s page and think they lead a perfect existence. Heck, I use to compare myself to others on social media until I realized that it is nothing like their real life and mostly lies anyways. I’ve learned that the key to living with this is to just live your own life and stop comparing yourself to others. The next time you’re driven to jealousy by a Facebook friend or Instagram follower humble-bragging about his or her awesome life, don’t forget that they’re probably embellishing it for social media, even if it’s unconsciously. It’s always best to focus on how to make your own life more meaningful than worry about others. We all stub our toes, do the dishes, and go to the doctor. Ignore the circus of social media and focus on your present reality. Trust me, you’ll end up being a lot happier. We must learn to leave social media where it belongs–as mere anecdotal snippets of what ourselves and other people are experiencing. The real magic of life happens right before our eyes, and once it passes, it’s gone forever.

7 thoughts on “Social Media vs. Real Life”

  1. I so agree!! I know a ton of people in real life that are nothing like their social media profiles, and you can’t compare yourself to others. There is no life better than yours!


  2. Social media isn’t the only place where reality gets distorted. My wife likes to get on the political feeds. Between the stories she get from there, the news programs and the papers, you get the feeling that the world has already entered Armageddon. Then, my job causes me to drive across the country and it’s almost shocking how normal the world actually is when you’re in it – instead of in the world being fed to us on line.

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  3. Social media definitely changes views on reality. Some people think social media is real and it’s not . Everyone is different compared to what we show on there and that’s exactly what it is, we show a small part of our lives on there. Real life is always better then what show. Great post !!

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