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DIY Pet Steps

About a week ago my boyfriend William and I got a new bed frame and our bed sits much higher up. Before this, our cat Pumpkin had no problem getting onto our bed to nap, but now she is just a tad too short to jump on it without needing our help. Me being the crazy cat mom I am, I couldn’t go much longer seeing her try so hard to get on the bed. Although you can buy them at most pet supplies stores, I decided to make Pumpkin her own mini steps myself; it’s more affordable this way and I wanted to do something crafty. I made a quick trip to my local craft store and picked up 4 crates: 1 large and 3 small and some E6000 glue. I some used white chalk paint which I already had at home.


I painted the crates and laid them out to dry for about two hours. I flipped all of the crates facing down, applied E6000 to the smaller crates, and positioned them together to make the steps. I let the glue dry for a couple of hours and BAM, it’s as easy as that! I was thinking about personalizing the steps such as painting on her name or some paw prints, but I just wanted to stick to something plain and simple for now. William and I also put her favorite plush blanket and sprayed some catnip on it to make it more comfortable for her and she is definitely use to it now.


7 thoughts on “DIY Pet Steps”

  1. Great idea! I’ve looked into many steps for my 17 year old yorkie to get up and down from my bed, but they’re all so expensive so he’s just been sleeping in his own bed on the ground! This is much cheaper, and cute too! I’ll be trying this!

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