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KitNipBox: The Best Way to Spoil Your Cat

KitNipBox is the #1 subscription box service for cat owners on the market. In fact, KitNipBox launched in February of 2014, and by September 2014, they became the #1 brand on the market. Every month, the awesome people at KitNipBox send a curated box of high quality toys, treats, and other innovative products right to your doorstep!

The customer service leader was so sweet and generous enough to send us a box for Pumpkin. This box was themed “Brunch” and it was packed with 8 pawsome brunch themed toys and treats! Pumpkin had so much fun opening the box and playing with the toys. Another thing that I love about KitNipBox is that they donate a portion of proceeds to a number of animal welfare organizations every month. Another thing that I enjoyed reading up on was what inspired the core team of KitNipBox to start the whole thing, and one reason was because they noticed a disparity in the pet industry, especially between cats and dogs. If you go to any store, I can assure you that it has at least 5x more dog products. Although I think that it’s getting better over time, thanks to services like KitNipBox.

This box included:

NAX Pancake Pillow: This little pancake pillow is the cutest thing, as you can see by the photos. It has syrup and butter detailing, and it’s infused with North American catnip. I think this toy is perfect for her to nap with (it’s so soft!) or to just catch around the house. She loves it!

All For Paws Crinkley Stuffed Fish: I love the texture of this toy! With the little dangling details on the bottom of the fish, and crinkles, it has become one of Pumpkin’s favorites. Like the pancake pillow, it’s also catnip infused!

Leap Bubbly Kicker: What kind of brunch would be complete without a bottle of bubbly? This was probably the “punniest” and largest toy out of the whole box, Pumpkin actually went for this one first! It’s labeled “Don Purrignon” and also catnip infused!

SafeMade Croissant: It’s stuffed with fabric plush and the outside is incredibly soft. It’s perfect for the bruch theme, and also infused with North American catnip! I actually caught her laying with it the other night!

MAX TEA PARTY: These two tea bag toys were probably Pumpkin’s other favorite out of this months box! She loves anything that dangles and has feathers, and this has both. Also infused with catnip, but with 100% Canadian catnip (dont worry, its legal).

All For Paws Bacon and Eggs: These two toys are too cute. As you can see from the photos, she loves them. These are just like the others, but very fun to play with as pouncing toys.

Mëow and Chandon Cat Champagne: This was the cutest, most purrfect addition to the brunch box. It’s infused with filtered water, salmon oil, and catnip. It’s great for mixing into cat food or pouring into their water.

Tender & True Sustainable Ocean Whitefish & Potato Recipie: We gave this to Pumpkin for dinner, along with what we usually give her, the day we recieved the box to test it. She actually really loved this cat food! A year or so ago, we tried dry cat food, but she hated it, but she actually loved this. She has finishd the whole pack!

This subscription service is so convenient and inexpensive, so I will definitely be using it for many years to come without breaking the bank. There are three KitNipBox options to choose from:
  1. The “Happy-Cat” KitnipBox, which comes with 5 goodies (usually a bonus is thrown in every box!) and is $19.99/month.
  2. The “Multi-Cat” KitNipBox, which comes with 7 goodies and is $29.99/month.
  3. The “VIP KitNipBox, coming with 10 goodies, priced at $39.99/month

Each subscription has free shipping, unless you reside in Canada ($6.95) and Austrailia ($7.95). If you use Pumpkin’s refferal link: “PUMPKIN15,” you can SAVE 15% off of your box. And, like other subscription boxes, such as Sephora! Play, Birchbox, and Barkbox, you can easily unsubscribe without any hassles or closing fees.

You can learn more about KitNipBox here, and remember that you can SAVE %15 when you use the code “PUMPKIN15” at checkout. Thank you so much for reading this months review, as there will be many more!


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