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KitNipBox October 2018: “When I Grow Up” Review & Coupon Code


Since 2014, KitNipBox has been the premier monthly subscription service for cats owners. Similar to subscriptions like Loot Crate, Birch Box, and FabFitFun, KitNipBox sends out a new box every month, complete with its own monthly theme, making it feel unique and curiously fun, ensuring that you never know quite what you’ll get when the box hits your doorstep. Filled with innovative toys, healthy treats, and other fun accessories perfect for any cat — and their owner. Every item in each KitNipBox box are curated to blend perfectly together and are thoroughly assessed for quality and safety. Probably the best part about each box is that a portion of their proceeds is donated to animal welfare causes. It’s fun and contributes to helping those animals we hold so dear.

Ok, now you know what KitNipBox is, if you hadn’t known already, and it’s time to review this month’s box. Will it live up to the hype I just heaped upon it? Well, I’m not gonna answer that in the second paragraph! I have a review to write (read in your case)! This month’s theme is “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be A…” and it’s filled with career-themed toys and a big bag of treats! It’s gonna be hard to top last month’s box — “brunch,” which included the cutest breakfast/food themed toys, like a catnip infused croissant and bacon. Oh, and it even included kitty wine (not quite what you’re thinking), so both you and your cat can unwind together. You can read about last month’s box here. So, what did Pumpkin receive in this month’s  KitNipBox?


SafeMade Pawlice Badge

LivePD is a heck of a drug, and it’s hooked not only my attention every lonely Saturday night (uh, I CHOOSE to be alone), but Pumpkin’s as well. She likes to relax and purr while dreaming of one day serving and protecting other kittys. Well, now is her chance! Of the careers this month, a pawlice officer, is definitely the cutest and my favorite. If for no other reason than it puts the funny image of a cat in a uniform in my head. I have to say that this thing is adorable. I don’t know what catnip they’ve infused in the toy, but Pumpkin has yet to stop playing with it. Maybe she is playing cops and robbers with the stinkbugs that like to emerge this time of year. As you can see from the photos,  it has a paw in the center and says “Paw Police.” This plush is soft, fuzzy, and  infused with North American catnip. Now when she pulls you over, you know she means business, because this is the badge she’s flashing. One item; one success.

Leap Engineer Mat

Maybe your kitty decided danger isn’t for them. Maybe they decided book learnin’ Was the way. Well, if it is, then this is the toy for them! This plush pillow has a cute design of a engineer cat. Stuffef with catnip and enhanced with added crinkles, this toy definitely engineers (I had to) some fun. Pumpkin is in for a treat. She’s given up on her dreams of being the next Matlock. This toy is more like a wrestling or cuddle toy, so it’s perfect for her to play with, enabling her to blow off some steam, and then nap on. It’s fluffy so I’ve already caught her chilling on it.

All For Paws Chef

Forget LivePD, Pumpkin has already deleted the DVR recordings so she can record every episode of Chopped. To quote the great Emirel Lagasse — BAM! This cute kitty is clad in a proper chef uniform, topped in a toque blanche. It’s also a plush toy, like the pawlice badge, but much firmer and a tad bit smaller. Cats do like plushies, and this has been no different. It’s great to rub in her nose and make her go fetch (she thinks she’s a dog). Its perfect to pounce on around the house. This toy is infused with grade-A Canadian catnip. Only the best for KitNipBox, none of that weak grade-B stuff. Three items in and Pumpkin has enjoyed all of them.

Playful Pet Envelope Pillow

Am I still keeping the Pumpkin career story going? Has it become annoying yet? Probably — so I’m ditching it. It was a good run. Obviously, this career-oriented toy is that of a postal carrier. I never knew the postal service could be this adorable! I love this toy because it’s also catnip infused, with a crinkle and a bell inside. You know what, KitNipBox means business, so if something doesn’t contain catnip then I’ll say it, because it’s going to be a rare occurrence. You’ll know if it’s not infused with catnip because that is unacceptable for Pumpkin, and you’ll get her opinion signed, sealed, and delivered. She loves the sound it makes! Start crunching it and her crooked ears perch up. This plush envelope is a little bigger than the “pawlice” badge. This plush has been the subject of Pumpkin’s attention since I opened the box. It was the first toy that she got her paws on, and it’s pretty much stayed that way. Stuff like this is why I love KitNipBox. I would’ve never picked this as a toy I would buy for Pumpkin. Not because it sucks per-say, but because there’s so many options for toys these days. I can try and guess what Pumpkin will play with, but I never really know. Its almost as if KitNipBox tests the toys they include to pick what cats like the most. Or maybe it’s black-magic. Who knows. But they have an uncanny ability to include toys that drive, or should I say deliver, Pumpkin wild. They know what many cat owners don’t: what will grab my picky kitty’s attention?

All For Paws Magnifying Glass

It may be witchcraft, or, perhaps, they study and investigate the matter of great toys. I have a feeling it’s the latter, and I have a feeling they use this magnifying glass to do so. This magnifying glass, reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, is clearly cute. I wish Pumpkin had thumbs so she could use it properly, but she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Or maybe she does; she does like to eat with her hands. I need to investigate the matter longer to truly give you an answer. In the meantime, I’ll tell you about the toy. It’s probably the smallest toy in the box, but trust me, that doesn’t mean it wont get her attention! This toy is cuter to me because I have a human brain, but she actually has played with this toy. I know I keep saying that, but Pumpkin has actually been playing with the toys. I’m not just saying that. She didn’t even wait for me to get it out of the packaging. She was on this toy like Colombo on a case. This magnifying glass toy isn’t an actual magnifying glass, so no need to worry if it’ll break and hurt her paws. Duh, obviously, but here’s the really cool thing about this toy, which makes it my personal favorite: the lens is holographic with a soft, crinkly texture. It really looks neat. Like a cat Pokémon card that’s a plush toy and not a card at all. But they’re both holographic. This definitely gets the award for Hoomans-favorite of the month.

Curry Grooming Brush For Cats

Down to business, real, hooman business. Pumpkin is a cat. Therefore, via deductive reasoning, Pumpkin likes to groom herself. However, sometimes she needs help. She may hate it, but it’s a necessary evil. I have been wanting to make the switch from our stainless steel brush to a rubber brush, because rubber brushes have more benefits and are more gentle on Pumpkin’s coat. Although she is a short hair, she has a very thick coat. I actually just bought her Chi shampoo, so I’ve been trying to keep her fresh and clean. This helps. The soft and rubber fingers on this brush act as a magnet for loose fly away hairs, and in addition to grooming, it can be used to massage the skin. Pumpkin actually liked this. I don’t think she’s realized it’s a brush yet. Until she does, which will inevitably be done with help from her handy-dandy magnifying glass, I’m gonna say this is the Pumpkin-of the month (Pumpkin because Pumpkin also means best…go ahead, Google it).

Wellness Kitties Duck and Cranberries Treats

KitNipBox does something I don’t see many boxes do: it gives you choice. Unless you specify that you don’t want any treats, every KitNipBox will include at least one bag. Pumpkin is very picky and sticks with seafood, and sometimes she will eat chicken. She’s a cat, am I right? This was her first time ever having duck and she is still chomping on them as I am typing this. She eats better than I do! I wish I could eat fancy duck and fancy cranberries. These are the real deal cranberries too, no can shaped jello cranberries for Princess Pumpkin. I didn’t even know cranberries came in anything other than jelly form. I thought it was just a fancy name for red non-grape flavored jelly. Turns out it’s a fruit! Hmph, who would’ve guessed that? I am definitely going to purchase a bag of these for her when she finishes this one. She loves her treats and thankfully I’ve found some to add some diversity to her routine diet.


So, 2 boxes down so far, and KitNipBox is off to a blazing start. I like to consider myself a subscription box aficionado. I know my way around these boxes. And, while not for me, I am still the one who buys the princess her necessities, so I know what is good for a cat and what isn’t. I was dubious at first, questioning whether or not a subscription box for a cat would actually work. Turns out, that this cat box is better than any human box I’ve seen or had, outside of maybe a FabFitFun box. It just works. Pumpkin has been receptive to every item included. While she may only play with a toy for a day or two, it’s been few and far between. She’s played with toys more than she’s played with the ones I buy myself. KitNipBox provides a fantastic value. The brand has earned my trust, something I’m not willing to give easily, considering how much I love my Pumpkin  I want the best for her because I’m responsible for her health and happiness. KitNipBox has succeeded in earning my trust, and I joyously look forward to whatever wonder and excitement next month’s box brings. If you would like to purchase your fur baby it’s own box, use my code. Go here, add the code PUMPKIN15 at checkout, and you’ll save money off your box.

Scroll down to see some gratuitous cat photos!


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