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KitNipBox November 2018: “Cats Deli” Review & Coupon Code

7856266640_IMG_2296Since 2014, KitNipBox has been one of the best monthly subscription services for cat owners out there. Similar to subscriptions like Sephora Play, BirchBox, MeowBox, BarkBox, and FabFitFun, KitNipBox sends out a new box to your doorstep every month, cute and complete with its own unique and fun theme. Opening these boxes and having a new theme every month makes watching Pumpkin’s reaction so fun, and we have never been disappointed. There are three options to choose from when subscribing for a KitNipBox, and you can read more about those options here. Each KitNipBox is filled with innovative, catnip-infused toys, and healthy treats that are all curated to blend together to fit the theme of the month. Everything is also thoroughly assessed for quality and safety. One of my favorite things about KitNipBox is that they are passionate about helping animals, and a portion of every purchase made is donated to animal welfare causes. I love KitNipBox because its fun and it contributes to helping the animals that we hold so dear to our heart.

This month’s KitNipBox theme was “Cats Deli,” and it was packed with the cutest deli-themed toys, and as always, all of the toys were infused with catnip! Whenever we receive our KitNipBox, I have noticed that Pumpkin just goes straight for the box, sniffing and kneading.. I’m almost positive that they spray the boxes with cat nip before shipping them out! So, here is what we received in this months KitNipBox:


All For Paws Chicken Leg

As you can see from the photographs,  this toy quickly caught Pumpkin’s attention! This toy is made from intricately pleated fabric, to make it look like a real chicken leg. It is too cute, and Pumpkin loves playing with it! And just like almost every single toy from every box I have received so far, it’s also stuffed with grade A catnip!

Max Hoagie Role

Since this month’s theme was a deli theme, it only makes sense to include a catnip-laced hoagie role. Pumpkin loves big and small toys. This toy a little large, compared to the others, but that doesn’t matter. She loves to cuddle with it and use it as a pouncing toy. Unlike the others, this has a different, fuzzy texture and she loves it.

Kitty Cat Carrot

Any good deli has a wide variety of vegetables. This fun little carrot is infused with 100% Canadian catnip, and its the perfect size to play with. This carrot toy is very light so its easy for her to toss around and pounce on.

Premium Catnip Pillow

I love the design of this catnip pillow, and like the hoagie roll, it is a little large, which I love. This pillow toy is packed with premium catnip. I’m not sure if you can see in the photos, but upon unboxing, she went for this first and then the chicken leg. Ha!

All For Paws Taco Toss Toy

This has to be one of my favorite toys out of the whole box because it has a fun texture, its colorful, and it has many ribbons that come together, creating a crinkle noise (pumpkin loves that crunchy, crinkly sound). This toy is filled with premium North American catnip, This toy is also very light, so it’s easy to throw around and play pounce with.

MAX Catnip Tomato Pillow

This tomato pillow is infused with 100% Canadian catnip, has a bright color, and nice detail added to it. It’s very similar to the taco toss toy when it comes to texture and noise, but big enough to play with and cuddle with, like the premium catnip pillow!

Kittles: Wellness Grain-Free Whitefish and Cranberries Recipe

Pumpkin loves these crunchy cat treats. At first, we didn’t think she would like them because they contained cranberries, but, she has eaten the whole bag! We actually gave her some of these treats along with some turkey to have on Thanksgiving this year. Usually, we purchase the Purina ProPlan treats, but I have grown to love this brand and have been making the switch to this brand of treats for about two months now.

Kitty Cat Sweet Cravings Donut

This donut is the perfect size and weight to pounce around and play with. I love the attention to detail that the makers have for the toys, but especially this one. The sprinkles and icing really make the colors pop, and the texture of the sprinkles are nice, too! This donut is also infused with the finest catnip around!

This is our third box so far, and Pumpkin has been receptive to every item included. While she may only play with a certain toy for a day or two, it’s been few and far between. She’s played with toys more than she’s played with the ones I buy myself. KitNipBox provides a fantastic value, and I love that there are many subscription options. The brand has earned my trust, something I’m not willing to give easily, considering how much I love my Pumpkin  I want the best for her because I’m responsible for her health and happiness. KitNipBox has succeeded in earning my trust, and every month, I joyously look forward to whatever wonder and excitement next month’s box brings. If you would like to purchase your fur baby it’s own box, use my code. Go here, add the code PUMPKIN15 at checkout, and you’ll save money off  of your box!


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