A KitNipBox Christmas: December 2018 Review

This month’s KitNipBox was a great one, and it came just in time for Christmas. Like every single box, there is always a different them. December’s box had a Christmas theme, which was perfect for the holiday coming up.

The first toy we opened was the “Playful Pet Mistletoe Door Dangler,” which came right in time because one of her favorite toys that just so happened to be a door dangler snapped in half. The box came a day later, so Pumpkin was very happy to have a new door dangler! This product was also super cute, designed like a piece of mistletoe and a tantalizing father on the very bottom. It also has an internal bell, which kept Pumpkin jumping and pouncing around for this toy.

 The MAX Krinkle Snowman is filled with 100% pure Canadian catnip, and the texture of this plush toy is similar to a crinkle toy. It’s the perfect size to pounce around!

The Safemade Kitten Mitten is probably the cutest toy we got out of the whole box. She has been playing with it almost every day for the past two weeks! It’s a little larger than most of the toys in this month’s box, but it’s the perfect size for her little paws! This mitten has a soft, yet squishy feeling on the inside, and perfect for Pumpkin to pounce around or cuddle with!

The MAX Catnip Candy Cane is the perfect size, a little big larger than a mini candy cane, and it is filled with the most potent catnip!

Wellness Kittles Grain-Free Tuna and Cranberries Recipe, Crunchy Cat Treats: Pumpkin loves these treats. In fact, she ate the whole bag in about three days. We never thought that she would like cranberries, but after last months treats, but she ended up loving them!

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