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luvGVL: Putting Greenville on the map

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Matt, the creator of luvGVL. Matt is putting Greenville on the mp by spreading the love throughout our community, and helping to showcase all the amazing aspects of Greenville. The mission behind luvGVL is pretty simple if you think about it, because its all in the name! It is to show how wonderful our town is to all those who might not know. Greenville is an eclectic city vast with talented artists, humanitarians, academics, and hardworking blue collar citizens, many who are untapped or unknown. luvGVL is an ambitious endeavor, but one which I believe all our local influencers should be aware of. “Spreading the luv,” and the genuine engagement with other local residents could do wonders for all those hoping to get our city on the map and help all those who live here. If you are all about supporting local restaurants, retailers, and brands like luvGVL, go give them a follow on Instagram and help spread the luv! You can follow the luvGVL Instagram by clicking on this link! Show it some luv and you just might get some awesome merch, too!

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