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Amazon & The The Plus Project

I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. In fact, I am always ordering repeat items there because Amazon Prime makes is so fast and convenient. I was not surprised to learn that Amazon is the second-most-shopped retailer of apparel in the US. But, it hasn’t been long since the plus-size market has really grown. And with that, Amazon has became a newcomer to the plus size market the past couple of years. And with the plus-size market growing so fast now, Amazon has really tapped into the plus-size market by utilizing their existing private label brands and creating new brands, exclusively for plus-size women (and men!). I believe a lot of these changes have happened over the past two years. Some private-label brands by Amazon that have plus-size options are Coastal Blue, Core 10, Daily Ritual, and Arabella—Daily Ritual and Arabella both have the highest amount of products categorizing as plus-size. There is also Lark & Ro, which is Amazon’s core womenswear private label brand, but only 22 of their pieces categorize as plus-size.

However, as I was searching for a winter coat in December, I came across a beautiful quilted coat from an Amazon private label brand that I had never heard of: The Plus Project. After doing some research, I learned that The Plus Project is a new plus-size brand, dedicated in delivering classic outwear for plus-size women and men, focusing on fit and feel.

I purchased the Plus Size Quilted Long Coat and I have to say, after owning this coat for a month or two now, I am so happy that I went with this brand. It has kept me so warm and comfortable this winter. I was lucky enough to have purchased this right before we had snow for a couple of days, and it helped me tremendously (going to, from work, leaving late, being outside for long periods of time). I live in the south, so the winter is not nearly as tough as it is up north (especially with the polar vortex).

The diamond quilted puffers are stylish and versatile, and I love the front pockets because they can be used to keep your hands warm or to put things in. Another thing that I love about this coat is that it has a detachable faux-fur hood, which, along with the regular quilted hood, kept me warm and dry during the snow and rain. I am going to attach some photos of myself in this coat for reference (I decided to remove the faux fur good, but it can be put back on easily with a zipper).


Ladies, go check this amazing line out. The Plus Project has some very nice, quality pieces!

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