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Where Hair and Makeup Meet: Ijewel Vertus

Raise your hand 🙋🏼‍♀️ if you have trouble managing your hair and keeping it fabulous. Yeah, you’re not alone. You can put your hand down now, nobody can see you. I’ve been trying for years, I’m talking half a decade, to get my hair exactly the way I like it. It seems like finding someone to trust with my hair is the biggest issue. I mean, even with pictures, research, and reviews, I still worry about letting my hair fall into the wrong hands. For anybody in Greenville, I think I have finally found the solution.

What I have found is that some salon schools, which unfortunately carry a stigma, have untapped potential galore. While new, these students are thrown through the ringer. They are put through every test imaginable, the last being the daunting “human Guinea pig” phase. These situatuons separate the weak from the strong; illuminating the talented gems. One such gem is Ijewel Vertus. We met through work, and I knew that if she said she could do it, then she actually could. I jumped at the opportunity to work with her.

She is a newly licensed cosmetologist, graduating from Kenneth Shuler recently. She specializes in all type of hair and texture from the straightest of straight to the curly kinky hair. I’m not sure where I lie in that equation, but I do know that she did an incredible job with mine. I put my faith in her and came out a believer in her talents. Ijewel is also a freelance makeup artist who does wedding, proms, and any event you desire. The services preformed include color, natural hair, healthy hair care and weave extensions. She is Redken certified as well. Color services like highlights and bleach, as well as other options bring out vibrant, vivid colors out from the normal color. I’m a testament to that. She did phenomenal color work, treating my roots and giving my hair a beautiful and blonde treatment that I haven’t been able to get in years. I want women to feel and look their best while keeping the overall health of their hair, and for this reason, she would be my top choice for anyone in the Upstate looking for affordable, and fantastic hair service. Go check Ijewel out on her Instagram and be sure to tell her that Kennedy sent you. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Here are some photos of my hair below. I came in with a patchy silver top, with a lot of yellow tones coming down to my (very) damaged roots. In just two sessions, she completely transformed my hair into a beautiful icy blonde.

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