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Social Stigma Silences the Victims of Childhood Abuse

I grew up in a rural, dilapidated town in the poverty-stricken south. I still come aross many Pinterest and articles naming my hometown to be one of the  "best places to live in South Carolina." for the stereotypical reasons: it's a small, quaint, seemingly quiet town, and everyone knows everyone. People passing by probably believe… Continue reading Social Stigma Silences the Victims of Childhood Abuse


My Experience With PCOS

I’ve battled with whether or not to share this. Why? Because I am a private person, and  I don’t want pity. However, I’ve been increasingly convicted to share my story because I know I am not alone, and because the purpose of my blog is to use what I know, feel, and experience as a… Continue reading My Experience With PCOS


Social Media vs. Real Life

Almost everyone on social media makes it out to look like they are having a great time, but we all know that what we see on Instagram or Facebook isn’t always reality. Websites like Facebook and Instagram feel like a narcissistic playground where the greatest, funniest, most charming aspects of our lives are publicized, and… Continue reading Social Media vs. Real Life


Fighting The Fear

Fear: why do we let it hold us back? It’s something I think about often. I’ve always thought of myself as a strong willed person, I mean, I got the courage to finally leave an abusive household with nothing but the clothes on my back and cut off toxic people from my life, and I… Continue reading Fighting The Fear